Everything You Need To Know Before Visiting Nepal

Chances are you may have heard about Mount Everest (the tallest mountain in the world), the terrible earthquake back in 2015, or even the Royal Massacre back in 2001, however Nepal is much more than that.

5 Places You Must Visit In Nepal

Although a small country, Nepal is described as ‘a piece of heaven on Earth’. And why not? Nepal is blessed with natural beauty throughout its territory with magnificent mountains, picturesque forests, scenic landscapes, snowy peaks, beautiful lakes

7 Beautiful Souvenirs That You Can Take Back From Nepal

A journey to Nepal without any souvenirs for friends and family back home wouldn’t make for a happy ending to your journey.

7 Adventure Sports You Should Definitely Try in Nepal

Nepal offers many ways for visitors to witness the pure beauty of nature in its purest forms, be it in the green jungles of Chitwan

10 Trekking Destinations To Make Your Visit to Nepal a Win!

If trekking to beautiful places with stunning landscapes is on your bucket-list, then Nepal is your ideal destination.

Dr. Jane Goodall’s 2016 Visit to Kathmandu & Bardiya

Last October 2016, renowned British anthropologist Dr. Jane Goodall came to Nepal to participate in the Raft for River Dolphins

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