Nepal offers many ways for visitors to witness the pure beauty of nature in its purest forms, be it in the green jungles of Chitwan or the icy slopes of Mount Everest. But did you know that Nepal is also popular among adventure sport enthusiasts?

Yes! Every year countless adventure enthusiasts from around the world come to Nepal to experience the thrill of (extreme) adventure sports.

So what are these sports that you can do in Nepal? Let’s find out!


Have you ever dreamed of flying? Come make your dreams come true with the closest you can get to flying by paragliding over the city of Pokhara with the mountains in front of you and the picturesque Fewa Lake below you.

And if you want to add more thrill to your already exhilarating experience, go in for parahawking!
What’s that you say? Parahawking is when you have a trained hawk landing on your hand while you’re paragliding.

Sounds unbelievable? Check out the video below!


You may already know that Nepal has some of the most number of mountains in the world. Those snow-capped mountains in Nepal melt gradually, giving birth to high-current rivers which make Nepal one of the best places for river rafting.

There’s nothing like a wild journey on the chilly Trishuli river while you paddle like crazy over rapids and rushing waters, all the while surrounded by dense forests and beautiful mountain views.


The varying topography of Nepal ensures various exciting trekking options for travellers to make memories to last a lifetime. From gentle slopes to steep slopes and snow-capped mountains, Nepal has it all.

Trekking is also undeniably the most exciting and budget-friendly adventure sport you can try in while in Nepal.

In Nepal for a long time? Go for a 20 day trek to Everest Base Camp! Have less time to have fun? The 8 Day Royal Trek might just be what you need to make your trip a success.


Trekking too exciting for you? Hiking may be more suitable for you!

Take a hike up any of Kathmandu hills to truly experience the full beauty of Nepal with the lush green trees and mountains in the back.

The best part is that most hikes are a one day trip, meaning you can have a different hiking experience everyday!

Jungle Safari

Nepal isn’t only a country with grand mountains and breath-taking views of Himalayas. If you think about it, the Terai region of Nepal has tropical jungles that make it the perfect habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna.

The perfect way to experience the wilderness in Nepal is to visit one of our beautiful national parks, especially Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park.

While in Chitwan or Bardia, go for a jungle jeep safari to get closer to the birds and the various animals. Who knows, if you’re lucky you might even see the famous one horned rhino!

Add to your thrill by going for a jungle walk instead! Alternately you can also try the canoe ride along the Rapti River. Just remember to keep your hands in the boat at all times and watch out for those sneaky gharials!

Bungee Jumping

The ultimate spot for bungee jumping in Nepal is in Bhotekoshi, located near the Nepal-China border.

Just a day’s ride from the capital city of Kathmandu, the thrill of bungee jumping over the raging Bhotekoshi river from a height of 160 m (525 ft) is something that cannot be well put into words. You just have to experience it for yourself!

The Bhotekoshi bungee jump is also the second highest bungee jumping site in the world and is operated by some of the most experienced bungee jumping masters.

Zip Flyer

If you’re an adventure junkie, you’ve probably already gone bungee jumping a million times. Now what?

Go for a ride on the world’s most extreme Zip Flyer! The Zip flyer in Sarangkot, Pokhara, is officially recognized as the longest, steepest, tallest and fastest zipline in the world with a view that can’t be matched anywhere, ever, with a 2000 feet vertical drop that might just stop your heart!

Go on an Adventure That You Will Remember for a Lifetime

Are you still reading this? Hurry up and book your adventure today and make memories that will make your heart beat wildly every time you think of Nepal.


Header photo by ClaraMD [CC0 Creative Commons], via pixaby

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