Although a small country, Nepal is described as ‘a piece of heaven on Earth’. And why not?
Nepal is blessed with natural beauty throughout its territory with magnificent mountains, picturesque forests, scenic landscapes, snowy peaks, beautiful lakes, rich wildlife – the list goes on.

Most people know Nepal for being the birthplace of Lord Buddha, and having the tallest peak in the world, Mount Everest, but these are just tiny portions of this beautiful country.

So what are these other amazing places that you must visit on your next trip to Nepal?


Pokhara is a land of spectacular beauty adorned with vibrant green hills and shimmering lakes. Pokhara is basically a tourist city and there’s a lot you can do in Pokhara, and by a lot, we really mean A LOT!

First of all, you can sit and admire the panoramic and stunning views of Mount Annapurna I to IV, the tallest being Mount Annapurna I (8091 m).

Commonly known as the Fish-tail mountain, Mount Machhapuchhre (6993 m) is also a splendid watch for a place that is off limits to climbing for religious purposes, which is why it is one of the few places on Earth that no one has set a foot on!

The Pokhara valley constitutes of seven lakes, among which Rupa, Begnas and Fewa lakes are worth a visit. Fewa Lake is the closest and you can enjoy boating with or without someone to work the oars for you.

Other than these, Sarangkot (a lovely village for the perfect sunrise and sunset views), World Peace Pagoda (a Buddhist stupa), David’s Falls and the Mahendra Cave are also major attractions in Pokhara that is popular amongst visitors and offer fun for the whole family.
For more adventurous ventures, you can indulge in fun adventure sports including paragliding, zip flyer, parahawking (yes, paragliding with trained hawks!), ultra-light, bungee jumping, and trekking.

Pokhara also boasts a large number of restaurants, bars and all sorts of eateries along the famous Lakeside where you can chill with friends and listen to live music or just enjoy a great meal after a day of fun.


A favorite weekend getaway, Nagarkot is a beautiful village located near Kathmandu Valley. One of the most picturesque places in Nepal, it is renowned for its beautiful sunrise and sunset views from the mountains.

The charming trails leading up to Nagarkot is steep, adventurous, and absolutely stunning. Various trekking options are also available in and around Nagarkot for the adventurous youth within you.

This village also holds one of the broadest mountains views, among other places near Kathmandu. The view is dominated by the Langtang range, Annapurna range, Manaslu range and sometimes Mount Everest (on good days!), along with lovely views of Shivapuri National Park and Kathmandu Valley.

Ask your hotel for an early wakeup call so you can enjoy the surreal sunrise experience that is worth losing sleep for.


The major attraction in Chitwan is the famous Chitwan National Park, which is a world heritage site and includes a lake with a pretty unusual name, Bishazari Tal (20,000 lakes).

The park’s dense forests and grasslands are home to one of the rarest species, one-horned rhinoceros and other animals like tiger, leopard, elephants, sloths, giant hornbill and dolphins.

Apart from the rich wildlife, Chitwan is especially famous for the Jungle Safari. This safari is usually done through one of four ways: a walk, a jeep safari or canoeing. Animal sightings are guaranteed and birdwatchers will especially love it.

No wonder Chitwan is also referred to as “The Safari Park Of Nepal”!

While the nature lover in you will be overwhelmed by the safari, animal sightings and bird watching, there’s yet another aspect that will keep you interested: the trip to local Tharu villages. These can be a rich cultural experience, even more so with Tharu cultural where you get to see how the local Tharu live their lives.

Remind your agent to include a Chitwan package for an unforgettable wildlife experience!


Siddhartha Gautam, better known as Lord Buddha, was born in Lumbini around 563 BC, which is why Lumbini is regarded as one of the most important spiritual sites in the world.

A journey to Lumbini is all about finding peace within oneself and enhancing your meditation skills.

The major attractions in Lumbini are the Maya Devi Temple, Ashoka Pillar, World Peace Pagoda, Lumbini Museum, and a few other monasteries built by various countries.

Apart from the culturally and religiously significant structures, Lumbini is also popular for hosting a myriad of birds, including owls, sarus crane (world’s largest flying crane), spotted eagles, and more.


A beautiful hilltop settlement, Bandipur is an old town that has preserved its old-time cultural atmosphere. Unlike other places in the country, Bandipur has come a long way with its age old cultural attributes – temples, shrines, sacred caves and intricate Newari architecture.

The surrounding hills of Bandipur hold ideal trekking trails that take you to the majestic world of tribal villages and vibrant forests. The stone paved main streets in Bandipur are lined with medieval looking houses with elaborate windows and doors.

Other attractions in Bandipur include the Thani Mai Temple, Gurunghe Hill, Khadga Devi temple,and the Siddha Gufa (which is the largest cave in Nepal!).

Ask your agent if you can stop by Bandipur for lunch or a night enroute to Pokhara or Chitwan.

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