• Is there a fee to book on Traveldevisers.com?We do not charge with any additional fees unless there is a mention of that fee in the itinerary.
    • What forms of payments do you accept?
      We accept credit cards from

      • Bank Transfer
      • MasterCard
      • Visa
      • American Express
      • PayPal


    • Can I add another person to an existing reservation? Once your reservation has been processed, we cannot add additional clients. In order to make changes we suggest you contact us.
    • What are the terms and conditions for booking online?Travel Devisers comprises of different hotels, flights, sightseeing tours and car rentals, terms and conditions for which will vary. Please ensure you go through the terms and conditions for the packages, hotel deals, and airfare you purchase online. Traveldevisers.com also has it’s set of terms and conditions please click here to view it. (put the link for terms and conditions)
    • What is the procedure for booking online?According to your options, please select Hotel accommodations, Packages, or Airfares, and follow the simple steps towards booking. To make it easier for our clients we have also separated packages according to destinations. In our website we also provide you with details on how to get around the city you are visiting or information on basic necessities such as mobile sim cards, taxi services, places to eat, etc. For more details or queries please email us at sales@traveldeviser.com.
    • Can I hold a room without paying for it?Yes we can hold rooms for a certain period of time depending on the hotel policy, but after this period is over, a due cancellation fee will be applied or no-show charges will be applied.
    • Is my reservation for the holiday packages confirmed immediately after I book it? Yes you will receive an email with your payment confirmation and your booking details (it might take us up to 2 hours to confirm it). If you have included transportation services from the Airport to the Hotel or vice versa we will have that information included as well. In case of any changes on the package itinerary, if they are not available, or any error has been made, we will notify you within 24 hours of your booking payment. For every holiday package and destination you book with us we ensure that you will be provided with a tourist guide (special arrangements can be made) with you upon your arrival to the destination.
    • Do you have cancellation fees on the holiday packages? Yes all packages have cancellation fees, please ensure to read the terms and conditions before you proceed to book online.


Booking Tips
    • Before you proceed to the payment of the products purchased on Traveldevisers.com, we strongly advise you to go over the specific holiday package terms and conditions.
    • Please remember that we will be asking for your personal information such as Name, Address, Email Id, Passport Number, Credit Card number, etc.
    • Please be assured that all the information that we have received from you will be kept for official purposes only and will be secured with us.
    • For booking any packages please make sure that you have read the itinerary thoroughly. Traveldevisers.com will not be liable for any misunderstandings.
    • We do not advise any traveler without sound Heath Conditions to choose Activities and Expeditions until certified by a doctor.
    • Traveldevisers.com also provides first time travelers guidelines on the destination to find local taxis, sim cards, nearest visiting sights, shopping locations, and more.
    • Booking any product on Traveldevisers.com is very user-friendly, if you come over any difficulties please contact us.
    • For payment procedures we accept bank transfer, credit cards (American Express, Visa, Mastercard), and Paypal.
    • If you are looking for information on packages to destinations we do not have listed on Traveldevisers.com, we will be happy to make a personalized itinerary for you.
    • Please note that all the packages listed on the website is customizable according to the clients preference.
    • Please follow our bookmark options for the products you plan on purchasing
    • You can also customize your search according to location, price, country, etc.

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